Trainborne Wireless Digital Broadcasting System

In-Train Multi-Media Display System

i-Display has been deployed inside the train’s compartments and on the station’s platforms as a core part of the Trainborne Wireless Digital Broadcasting System. Passengers can watch digital video news broadcast and commercial advertisement comfortably while in their journey to destination.


In Hong Kong MTR is the pioneer to adopt i-Display as an “in-train” digital broadcasting solution. Information to be broadcasted inside the trains is downloaded using dedicated wireless network implemented at various train stations. This system is the first trainborne digital broadcasting system in the mass transit industry in the Asia Pacific region while bearing wireless download capability.

The Trainborne Wireless Digital Broadcasting System can also be used to display and broadcast other information of public interest, e.g.:

  • Train station information
  • News and weather reports
  • Operation emergency messages


Provide WiFi and Video Content Management for Electronic Information Display System for 100+ MTR Trains to broadcast the multi-media contents, news and train operation messages with central control.

Bangkok Skytrain In-train Display System

An integrated display solution with including 30+ Stations, 50+ Skytrains and  1200+ LCD Displays with Video and Audio Distribution Network onboard and High Security Wireless Network Infrastructure.