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Fortinet Accelerate 24 - Roctec (1)

Fortinet Accelerate 2024 – Hong Kong edition

Roctec is thrilled to be at the Fortinet Accelerate 2024. Engaged in expert seminars and tech challenges, we explored new possibilities and concepts which are valuable in an ever-transforming era.
Caring Company Landscape 3

Caring Company 2023-24

Roctec is proud to be awarded the Caring Company logo in recognition of our commitment to the community. The compassionate and creative solutions displayed at the Social Service Expo are impressive and inspirational. We believe that by working together, everyone benefits!  We Care.

2024 Annual Dinner

The annual dinner was a fantastic night celebrating a year of progress and for us to embark on a new phase. We are excited about the new prospects and the opportunities to come.  Thank you everyone for playing a part! Roctec could only have sailed through the eventful 2023 with your help. We heard about the hardships our colleagues had withstood and learnt about teammates who have stayed with us for decades. We see your dedication and hard work and appreciate them. Stay with us for the updates. 
Fortinet 24 Partner Kickoff (1)

2024 Fortinet Partner Kickoff

We are delighted to be invited to the lively Fortinet Partner Kickoff 2024. Ready to be stronger together!  Roctec has obtained three gold medals (and awards) for being a Top Expert Partner in 2023 and with the help of our star performers, Ronnie and Sam!       

2023 Aerospace Corp. and RSTC Awards

Roctec has received the “2023 Best IoT Innovation Award” from Aerospace Corp. and the “2023 Best Automotive & Transport Partner Award” from RSTC. Sam has been elected as an excellent business partner for the year too. Congratulations!      
2023 Keewin awards - post 1

2023 Keewin Awards

Roctec is once again a top partner of Keewin in Hong Kong. And congratulations to Sam for getting an Outstanding Performance Award in 2023.    
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