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In-Train Dynamic Route Map

  An elongated screen is above the train doors to show the route map and your whereabouts on the railway line. Other messages and announcements could be shown and played too. Approximately 1,500 stretched LEDs connecting to this system are installed in the BTS Skytrains in Thailand. Back to solutions Other Projects
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Detection system for Trackside Panels

IoT Sensors are installed on the frame of the advertising panels along the railway track which could detect abnormal movement or condition of the covers and alert both station controllers and the Operational Control Center. Over 840 sensors are deployed in nearly 40% of the Hong Kong MTR stations. Back to solutions Other Projects
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Cross-Harbour Easy

Real-time platform condition and waiting time for the next train for 2 cross-harbour lines are shown in the concourse and platforms of the major interchange station – Admiralty Station. Passengers would be informed and could decide which route to choose.
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Train Loading Information

The system visualizes the crowdedness of all cars of the arriving train by detecting the weight of the train cars using smart sensors. Passengers are suggested to board train cars with more capacity in order to achieve a better riding experience.
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Smart Toilet

Utilize different kinds of IoT sensors and LoRaWAN technology to monitor washroom environment, quantity of consumables and detect abnormal conditions. If a cubicle is locked for several minutes without movement detected, an alert will be generated. A mobile app is also developed that could show a dashboard of all toilets and cubicles under supervision. Back […]
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